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Kilo-gallons or thousands of gallons. Typical unit of measure for water used by utilities. Equal to 748 cubic feet.


Acronym for Local Area Network. The data network that connects a specific site to the wider Internet. In the AMR context, a Gateway might use a LAN cable connection to access the Internet and send its data onto the Control Center.

Licensed frequency

In AMR, a radio frequency licensed by the FCC for a specific site. Having a licensed frequency for an AMR site means that there will be less disruptions to the transmission of data.

Low flow detector

A part of a meter register that indicates any flow through the meter. Also called a leak detector.

Master metered

When a single meter measures utility usage for an entire property, or an entire building, which usually includes the common areas.


A device that measures utility usage.

Meter register

Mechanical device that uses a system of gear reductions to integrate the rotation of the moving element of a meter’s metering chamber into numerical units.


Meter Interface Unit. A device that translates meter data prior to transmission to a receiver. Also known as a Telemetry Interface Unit.


National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Non-advancing meter

An alarm alerting the AMR site’s manager that a meter has shown no consumption for an extended period of time. This might be due to tampering, malfunction, or extended occupant absences. See also Unusual consumption alerts.

Partial-capture submetering

A type of submetering where only a portion of the total water consumption in each unit is measured.

Pass through percentage

The amount of the master metered utility bill allocated to residents. Also see Common Area Deduction.

Point-of-use (POU) meter

A meter that measures water flow at the actual usage point, such as a faucet or a toilet.

Pressure testing

Subjecting a full water system to maximum normal pressure (or normal pressure plus a safety factor) against a closed downstream shut-off.


Public Utilities Commission.

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