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An acronym that stands for Read, Bill, and Collect. Usually a company that contracts with property owners to manage their utility consumption and payment collection.


In a Radio Frequency (RF) based AMR system, the device that receives the meter data transmissions. These transmissions can then be forwarded to either a WAN Gateway or a central data collection device.


In a Radio Frequency (RF) based AMR system, the device that receives and amplifies the meter RF signals in order to transmit them to the Receiver.


National Multi-Family Submetering and Allocation Study – A rigorous study, commissioned by a consortium of federal, state, and municipal authorities to research the effects that submetering and other types of allocation methods had on water usage. The study found that only submetering led to a significant reduction in usage, 15 percent in fact! All other systems methods simply did not work.

Maye et al - National Multiple Family Submetering Study (6.3 MB).pdf


An acronym that stands for Radio Frequency.


An acronym that stands for Ratio Utility Billing System, which is a calculation method that uses a compensation factor to allocate costs among users. It also stands for Residential Utility Billing System. In using RUBS, residents are not actually charged for what the amount of water they used, rather, a fairly crude formula is used to apportion a fragment of the total bill to them.

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