Sub meter your property with Cereniti

Cereniti is a leading distributor of sub metering systems in North America. Sub meter your property with Cereniti's DataSense Network to achieve greater profitability while conserving valuable resources. Sub metering may also enable you to expedite your benefits due to tax incentives .

Cereniti's DataSense Network can be installed outdoors or indoors with a wide variety of sub metering options. It can be set up for simple pulse output or digital output/encoded utility meters in a range of sub metering applications and environments.

Contact Cereniti or one of our authorized distributors for more information on Cereniti's many sub metering options on water, gas, and electricity. We offer sub metering installation for both new construction as well as retrofits. Cereniti: Achieve peace of mind with the data you need, when you need it.

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